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Dear friends and friends,

In the coming weeks, the normal activity of Selvatica will undergo changes:


#SHIPPING: shipments are temporarily blocked in the Milan and Hinterland areas. We are doing our best to process orders as soon as possible.

# WITHDRAWALS: starting from 21/12 all requests for the collection of goods will be organized from 7 January.

It is possible, at any time, to request the goods collection from our Return Center at the following link:

 #ABROAD: in light of the latest events we do not guarantee deliveries to Great Britain until a later date.

 #CUSTOMERCARE:  we are receiving countless requests, iour Service Team will answer everyone giving priority tothe most urgent requests (eg. delivery status).


A strong hug from afar,



Dear friends,

during the next few weeks Selvatica's normal activity will undergo a few changes:

#SHIPPING: shipments to Milan and its Hinterland area are temporarily blocked. We are doing our best to have your order delivered as soon as possible.

#RETURNS: you can make your return request anytime from our website: but all the requests we receive from December 21st on, will be processed starting from January 7th 2021.

 #OTHER COUNTRIES: in the light of the latest events about Covid19, deliveries to the UK are not guaranteed until a date to be defined.

 #CUSTOMERCARE: we are receiving a lot of requests, our Team will answer to everyone by giving priority to the most urgent ones (eg. shipment status).

Loads of love